James Stout Media

Who Am I?


Who I Am: 

I'm a freelance writer with a PhD in Modern European History. I am interested in the intersection between sport and identity, both in my academic work (which looks at Catalonia) and my journalistic work (which focuses on exercise and the outdoors).

My writing and photography has been featured in print and online in publications such as Rouleur, Bicycling, Gear Patrol, Ride Cycling Review, Peloton, Men's Journal and Cyclist. 

I'm British, but I live in San Diego. I speak Spanish, Catalan, French and several kinds of English depending on my mood. 

I used to be a bike racer; now I just go outside every day and I like to share stories with other people. I also run a non profit that uses exercise and empowerment to allow Native American people to live healthy and happy lives with obesity and diabetes. I also have diabetes. And two cats, three chickens, and a sourdough starter in which I take great pride.